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Mediation Works

Divorce Mediation Institute
Last updated 3 years ago

  • on Divorce Mediation Institute
  • Hi I'm Danny Kramer.

    I hope what I have to say will cause you to stop and think about mediation as a way to handle your divorce. I wish that I would have had this option 20 years ago when I went through my first divorce. Every fear that you are currently having was a reality for me in my first divorce. I suffered more than any person should have to. It affected my relationship with my children. It was devastating to me financially. I thought I would never bounce back. The only people who won were the attorneys. This was my experience of using the courts to determine the outcome of my divorce. I had no control and I felt like the best interests of the children were being constantly pushed aside. It was an experience that nobody should have to go through.

    I later remarried and recently have been in a situation where divorce was again confronting me. I did not have the energy or the money or the time to go through another divorce like my first one. I was scared, frustrated, and unsure about everything. Our son was my biggest concern and I felt that I was doomed to the same fate of my last divorce. I had heard about mediation and did not know much about it so I called the Divorce Mediation Institute of Utah. After a half hour of meeting 2 of the mediators David Musselman and Shirley Pappin both my wife and myself knew that mediation was the way we were going to handle this divorce.

    We liked the idea that we could customize the agreement to our needs and the needs of our son. We liked the idea of a male and female mediator to ensure that our perspectives would be heard. We liked the idea that our divorce would be done in weeks not months and at a fraction of the cost.

    Now don't get me wrong. We had our fair share of conflict in the mediation but the mediators helped us work through that and keep us focused on what was important which was our son. I was amazed at the creativity that the mediators had when working through our debts and assets and alimony. At the end we had an agreement that was fair and we both liked it.

    Whether you are agreeable and just need somebody to guide you through the maze of divorce or if you are in the middle of a high conflict battle, I would strongly encourage you to at least talk to some mediators and find out if mediation might be a good fit for you. It will be one of the best choices you will ever make.

    Danny Kramer

Eased My Fears

Divorce Mediation Institute
Last updated 3 years ago

  • on Divorce Mediation Institute
  • I have recently gone through a divorce and had the opportunity to work with Shirley Pappin and David Cross as our mediators. Despite this being the most difficult time in my life, Shirley and David were very informative, professional, compassionate and understanding. I was afraid that I wouldn't have the protection I needed while working through all of the financial issues as well as child custody issues.

    My fears were soon put to ease. Shirley and David were very knowledgeable about all divorce issues and they helped my ex-husband and I get through child support, child custody, co-parenting and alimony issues in a quick and friendly manner. It gives me great comfort to know that none of the issues were left uncovered.

    We were well educated regarding all of the divorce issues by the time we finished mediation. It also gives me comfort to know that I can return to mediation at any time if changes are needed.

    I felt I wanted control over what happened with our children, not a judge to have that control. We, as parents, know what is best for our kids. My ex-husband and I were able to work through a co-parenting plan and we have a bright outlook on the future and were able to even stay friends. I know our children will be better off in the future because of this. The friendly atmosphere helped me feel at ease and I feel helped us reach decisions that worked for our individual needs and desires.

    Shelley Terry

Awesome To Work With

Divorce Mediation Institute
Last updated 3 years ago

  • on Divorce Mediation Institute
  • I was getting divorced in the month of September and was interested in mediation rather than using a lawyer. I had talked to someone in my neighborhood that had use mediation in their divorce. What he told me was that mediation was less expensive than using lawyers and if we could be civil with each other, it would take much less time to finalize the divorce. I heard more and more about this form of getting divorced as I talked with more people who had gone through it themselves. I heard good things about mediation.

    At our first appointment I was very anxious, nervous, and nauseated!!! Divorce is not easy, and no matter how we accomplish it, it's not fun. After meeting with Dave and Patricia, I did feel better and my ex-husband and I agreed that this was the way we wanted to handle the divorce.

    By the middle of November we were finished with everything, other than waiting for the courts to process everything. It was the first of February that the divorce was actually final.

    Mediation made a yucky, terrible, and sad situation bearable. The thought of lawyers fighting back and forth was something I am glad we did not have to contend with. A waste of time and money, and hurtful "he said, she said" conversations. I like that in mediation, you confront each other with whatever problem you can possibly foresee. You figure it out right then and there, and decide on some kind of a solution, But, I didn't feel rushed. I knew that if I didn't feel good about a decision, I could think about it during that week, and come back to our appointment and discuss again.

    David and Patricia were awesome to work with. Professional, realistic, and also showed me that as time went on things would get better. There are so many things to worry about! I would add to my list of concerns and question each day, (or middle of the night) and then bring it tin to our appointment. Each week I left the appointment feeling like things were being taken care of, and also that we were given correct and sufficient information about family law, finances, etc

    In divorce there is not a winner. I felt that in mediation we were both given a chance to express our feelings and concerns, and then come to an agreement that would be best for our kids, and us as parents.

    If a friend of family member has the need to go through divorce, I will definitely recommend mediation as the way to accomplish it.

    Steph Callicott

Very Pleased

Divorce Mediation Institute
Last updated 3 years ago

  • on Divorce Mediation Institute
  • I entered the office of Divorce Mediation Institute of Utah, a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect from mediation. However, after meeting the Mediators, I was quickly put at ease. They were both very “down to earth” people who went out of their way to make sure Arne and I were comfortable. They opened up to us about their own experiences which gave me freedom to be myself and express myself.

    I was also impressed with their expertise and knowledge of Utah Laws and their willingness to explain all options which were open to Arne and I so that we could make the best decisions. Each time, after the meeting ended, I felt that the Mediators cared about what was best for our family. They seemed to empathize with us about what we were going through. Overall, everything went very smoothly. It was pleased. I would recommend Mediators because of their professionalism and the warmth and care they show to their clients.

    Cindy Anderson

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